Photo Mosaics

Immortalize your appreciation for your attendees in cooperative art piece – a photo mosaic!

See Our Photo Mosaics in Action!

Show the Bigger Picture with Photo Mosaics

Experience attendee engagement at its finest.  There’s no better way to tell your attendees their importance to your brand than showing them their part in the bigger picture! 
Immortalize your appreciation for your attendees in cooperative art piece – a photo mosaic!
Attendees place their stickers onto the photo mosaic board branded for Tractor Supply Co
A photo mosaic combines hundreds or thousands of smaller photos and arranges them in tiled sections that create a larger target picture — a picture made of pictures. The target photo is fully visible when viewed from a distance. From up close, it’s easy to single out the tiny images that form the large composite image.
A photo mosaic wall will give guests a hands-on experience they won’t soon forget. In a physical set-up, each of the guest’s photos is printed as adhesive stickers. Attendees place their stickers on the selected square cells on the mosaic board to create a mosaic of custom photos.
4 women making memories putting their photos on a photo mosaic wall
custom Photo Mosaics logo of a griffon
The photos added to the mosaic wall can be fetched from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with a unique hashtag, or taken at an on-site photo booth

Becoming part of the bigger picture is more than a metaphor. Guests interact with your booth, your brand activation, and one another. Let your photo mosaic wall draw attendees to your booth or brand — a trade show hit!

Conference attendees pose for a photo mosaic picture at NATA
a photo mosaic with a logo reading "LANZA"
Photo create more positive connections to your brand as your guests spread the good word about your company, brand, and overall experience.
A mosaic logo design integrates images of the people that make your event — and your company — special. Not only will guests have and share their individual photos for their own personal and business social media pages, but they will also have a composite image of the whole mosaic. It’s a wonderful way to gain brand recognition in a fun and interactive way!
a photo mosaic wall displays a mask with an MGMA logo above it

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the photo mosaic wall work?

A: Our state of the art photo wall software takes images from one of our photo booths, from a professional photographer, or even from hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. And then, it organizes them into a larger composite image. Guests can stick their pictures onto the wall to literally be part of the bigger picture for your custom photo mosaic.

Q: How many images does the mosaic wall need? How large or small is it?

A: Our team can work with you, based on the length and attendance of your event, to determine how many images you need. Smaller events may only need 100-200 images. Larger events may call for 1000 or more. At the small end the wall can be around 2 feet by 2 feet, and on the larger 6 feet by 6 feet or bigger. Talk to our expert staff, who can walk you through what will best fit your event!

Q: Do you offer digital or online photo mosaics?

A: Yes! Depending on your needs, we can create a fully digital mosaic, displaying the images on a large high resolution monitor rather than printing them out. Additionally, our team can send you a high resolution digital file of the photo mosaic online.  Contact us for details!

Q: Does the photo mosaic require a professional photographer?

A: No, our typical setup uses one of our photo booths rather than a professional photographer. In fact, we can use any image of sufficiently high quality. However, our team of photo booth operators and photographers can help tailor your experience to ensure fantastic results.

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